14 Sept Science 8 Explaining and investigating the mixing of ethanol and water

A summative assessment for Science 8 on the structure and properties of matter.

Report is due 22 Sept. in paper and digital forms. Digital should be well named and uploaded in your digital science notebook.

Review the description of the project: sci8 assessment-matter1617 

2 goals for the report:

  1. Test at least 1 proposed explanation. Gather evidence either to support or challenge the explanation. Test should go beyond what we already know from replicating the original demonstration.
  2. Investigate some “new” aspect of the phenomena of mixing the ethanol and water.

See previous blogposts.


An example of a report written by 8th graders in a previous year–you should not copy the report or use it as a strict template–following sentences line by line. You may cite the report, and if you cite the report, it should appear in your reference list at the end of your report.      mixing-alcohol-and-water-composite-report

A guide for writing scientific reports:  writing-scientific-reportsx

Your report should have the form: Background, Question(s), Expectation, Procedure, Results, Analysis/Discussion, Conclusion, Reference list (full bibliographic information–if you use references. Listing a web address only is not sufficient) (You may find it useful to refer to other people’s work in your background and in the discussion/analysis).

Dr. F’s sections–replication of demonstration data and proposed explanations  eth-water-proposed-explanations-sci-8

Ms. U’s sections datafromreplicationofwaterethanol

Follow any guidelines offered in class:

  • Work safely, neatly, cleanly.
  • Be aware of your workspace and that of others.
  • Wear eye protection.
  • Do not inhale ethanol vapors.
  • Do careful measuring at your tables (not at dispensing areas or sinks).
  • Please do not crowd at dispensing areas or sinks.
  • No heat. (If you need to use heat, check with Dr. F)
  • Brief Dr. F on your plans.
  • Be organized.
  • Take careful and complete notes.
  • Keep track of your ideas, questions, reasoning. (Do this in writing!)
  • Document with photos / perhaps video.
  • Be conservative with the ethanol.



img_0305 img_0309

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