27 April Science 7 Student feedback; interpreting data from ecology simulations

Student Feedback Survey.

We did this in December and discussed the results as a way to begin Semester 2 in January.

Ecology is the science of interactions in the environment. The word comes from ecos = “house” and logy = “study of.” By whom and when was the word coined (invented)? Why do you think the root word for “house” was used?

The studies of evolution and ecology are inseparable. Why might that be?

See the data from the eco-simulations from periods 6 & 8 below and answer the questions fully. Be generous in your thinking. Check your ideas with the basic ideas we have been discussing. (More offspring are produced than survive; variation exists in a population; when a variable characteristic confers a survival/reproductive advantage, the frequency of that characteristic can increase in a population)

  1. Offer your interpretation of the results for each situation (Bat-Moth periods 6 and 8) (Oh Deer periods 6 and 8)
  2. Discuss any variation that might correspond to characteristics that could affect survival and reproduction.
  3. Make a line graph showing the “year to year” variation in the deer population for periods 6 and 8. One line will be for period 6 and one for period 8. Plot years on the horizontal axis and number of deer on the vertical axis.
  4. How do the two lines compare? How do you account for the similarities and how do you account for differences?
  5. We did not identify individuals who survived the longest as deer. If we had, what characteristics and what circumstances would you credit with their longevity? Explain.
  6. We did identify bats and moths. What characteristics and what circumstances would you credit with the time it took to capture (bat) and to be captured (moth)?
  7. What roles might the things you identify in your answers to #5 and #6 play in natural selection?
  8. How do the games/simulations correspond to reality? Where to the games “break” with reality?
  9. What are some modifications you can think of that would make the games more “real?” Explain your thinking.




















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