19 Feb. Science 7 Another story of symbiosis (Squid and bioluminescent bacteria) and Partner tree–observations, reflections, blogpost

Refer to your “stories” of symbiosis from the last class: http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/2016/02/15/17-feb-science-7-the-queen-of-trees-stories-of-symbiosis-case-histories-of-complexity/

Share stories you have outlined with the class of symbiosis.

Form the following groups:

Period 6:

  • Emelie, Rie
  • Lola, Henry
  • Maya, Keisuke
  • Genta, Matias
  • Syahiran, Haneol

Period 8:

  • Ben, Sanaya, DongHa
  • Julian, Bharat, Aanya
  • Maya, Arjun, Segi
  • Harshita, Julen, YeonEun
  • Shani, Andrea, Ritvik

In your group, read and discuss:

The Squid, The Vibrio, and The Moon


Then examine the interactive media Symbiotic Bioluminescence:


How well do you think the children’s book captures the science of the symbiosis (living together) of the squid and the bioluminescent bacteria?

On your own view this Ted Talk by a scientist who helped discover the symbiosis between the squid and the bacteria.


Do research on the natural history of your partner tree. (Use Trees of Delhi.)

Visit to partner tree. Observe and note any changes. Look for any other living things found on the tree—insects (ants, scale insects, beetles, other, spiders, birds, squirrels. Observe and describe the size, shape, markings, colors. Observe and describe any behavior you notice.

Make a blog post titled “Partner Tree” and categorized Science 7. Include your observations–especially as they have developed over time, pictures, information from your research, and your reflections.

These are useful things to observe about trees:






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