8 Feb. Sci 7 Tree diversity survey

5 Areas

Groups–select chief communicator, agree on system to record data, develop sharing and back up plan for data

Chief communicators meet together to define boundaries to avoid double-counting and to avoid missing any specimens

Data needed:

Tree species numbered

Scientific Name (where available)

English Name (where available)

Hindi / Local Name (where available)

Plant family

Indian or Exotic (not from India) (special note if from Aravalli)

Number of specimens in area

Location on map

Photos / sketches (Leaf, Leaf arrangement, Flowers, Fruits, Bark, Habit)

Notes (tallest specimen, largest girth at 1.5 meters above the ground, other information–old / active bird nest, for example)

Trees at AES 20142015 FMO (Tree list supplied from FMO during the 2014/2015 school year)

treewalkAES18oct (Notes for tree walk at AES 18 October)

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