9 September Science 8 Standards questions, Learning habits survey, Problem presentation, Collaborative Design of Assessment, Readings, Begin Assessment

Standards questions and comments: From the class

Learning habits survey:

If you have not done so, complete before the end of the period. Begin after the problem presentation. Here is the link:


Problem presentation:


Collaborative Design of Assessment:

Select 2 representatives from your class to work on the design of the assessment based on the problem that is presented. This will happen in all 3 Science 8 Frazier sections. 1 assessment project will emerge. The task is to decide:

  • what to do
  • what to “count”
  • how to “count” (in view of standards and expectations of what 8th graders can and should know and be able to do)


Read Inside the Atom–see previous blogpost: http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/2015/09/06/7-september-science-8-analysis-and-discussion-of-recent-results-discussing-the-standards-a-summative-assessment/           (not a great copy but readable and not too long–take notes on the important ideas)

Mixing alcohol and water–a report written by AES 8th graders collaboratively:         Mixing-Alcohol-and-Water-composite-report

Begin Assessment when planners have finished. Full details of the project given by the end of the day.

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