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18 and 20 May Final summative assessment on Energy–IMPORTANT

Refer to original posting:¬† Create a template for your final summative assessment reflection using the following standards. Make explicit reference to your investigation and product (enhanced poster; presentation; video) explaining how you are either meeting or approaching the standard. If … Continue reading

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8 May Science 7 Electromagnetism–Announcement of Final Summative Project

Today we will conduct a number of demonstrations exploring the connection between electricity and magnetism. Interestingly, these demonstrations were discovered/created BEFORE the modern theory of electromagnetism was developed. Scientist were in the same position as you, for example, when you … Continue reading

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6 May Science 7 Puzzle of two circuits–summary of force and energy–intro to electro-magnetism

Review the following board notes: Distinguish between force and energy Build the following circuits. First, use identical bulbs. Describe the two circuits. Explain how they are the same and how they are different. Record your observations in your notes. Next, … Continue reading

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