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6 April Science 7 Pulleys–measuring work (A short definition of energy: the capacity to do work.)

Review links from intro to energy: In order to build our ideas about energy, we will examine how forces are applied in pulley systems and how much work goes in and how much comes out. (Energy is the capacity … Continue reading

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3-7 April Science 8 — Develop presentation–due 7 April

This is a great resource–lots of links and even an ebook on making science videos. Check the references (links) from this blogpost (ask if you have questions): Presentation: You and your group will need to decide how to … Continue reading

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2 April Science 7 Introduction to energy

In groups of 4–totally new partners!!!! Write an 8 sentence paragraph outlining your ideas about ENERGY. Start with one student writing the first sentence, second student the next, and so on. Do not edit, comment, or criticize during the first … Continue reading

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1 April Science 8 Continuing the stream simulation

Continue to consult the references on watersheds.¬† Use what you learned about mapping to help you monitor the development of your streams. Pay attention to the details. Observe how shapes, formations, and patterns change. Discuss possible explanations for what happens. … Continue reading

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