21 April Science 8 Human Impact on the earth–beginning the research

Students will

  1. Conduct research and annotate sources:

Well-respected websites, journals, in the news (BBC, NYT, NPR, TOI—other sources with approval); Interviews and firsthand observations.

  1. Lead a class activity that is preferably interactive, inquiry-oriented, thought-provoking
  1. Create Presentation that is directed toward

Understanding the science—Leading a Discussion on the issues—Brainstorming Solutions—Presenting existing proposals for solutions

Topics (Global and Indian)

  1.  *CO2–greenhouse effect–global warming–global climate change
  2. *Invasive species in India—loss of native habitat and biodiversity
  3. *Elements in an Ipad-Laptop-Cell phone–Rare earths and conflict minerals—environmental costs of technology
  4.  *Air quality in Delhi
  5.  *The Anthropocene and the 6th great extinction
  6.  *Mining-industrial and economic development-and conservation of nature / habitat / biodiversity in India
  7.  *Agriculture-pesticides-fertilizer-nutrition and health in India
  8.  *The concept of ecosystem services—re-evaluating economic policy and theory in light of the environment—other ways to assess the value of the environment—international examples—Indian example

Period 1 Name               Topic

  • William          8                  
  • Ishay                7
  • Vir                     6
  • JiWon              2
  • Syona               5
  • Tereza              1
  • Joe                    3
  • Ali                     4

Period 3 Name               Topic

  • Amber            7
  • Georgia          2
  • Grace              1
  • Kun-Hee       4
  • Nicolas          6
  • Marc               5
  • Sreya              3
  • Joao               8

Research: Always get full bibliographic information

  • Annotation
  • Date accessed
  • Date published
  • Url
  • Publisher
  • Organization
  • Title(s)–article, journal, book, etc.
  • Author (qualifications)
  1. Context–purpose (including point of view)
  2. Main points
  3. Questions raised
  4. Your own response and reflection

Goal A:

Develop your understanding of the science and the issues.

  • What are the critical concepts and questions? What are the significant details?
  • What do you need to find out?

Goal B:

  • How will you communicate with others to help them understand and to bring forth their own ideas?


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