20 April Science 7 Magnetism continued and Energy Entries

Warm-up:  Take a moment to discuss with your partner and include your  and your partner’s ideas in today’s notebook entry—                                                   What is the distinction between force and energy?

1. Digital Science Notebook Check: You need entries on Energy for 2 April; 6 April; 8 April; 10 April; 16 April; and TODAY 20 April.

An entry includes: Any notes, sketches, photos, thoughts you would normally make. AND r response to the following: What did we do? What did we see? What did we talk about? What are your thoughts, questions, and reflections? A photo (or more) from the day that relates to any of the 4 questions above.

2. Simple machines homework: Photos of simple machines in your life with an explanation of how they work (including the class of simple machine they belong to). At least one from each type.

3. Magnets (be sure to consult previous blog post: http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/2015/04/16/16-april-science-7-simple-machines-assessing-our-knowledge-and-then-introducing-magnets-and-magnetism-a-force-leading-to-a-source-of-energy/

a) Find the north-seeking (N) and south-seeking (S) poles of a bar magnet. Check the following pattern: N to N = repel; S to S = repel; N to S = attract; S to N = attract. (Note magnets have POLES not charges.)

b) Map “field” with a compass. Make a photo, a sketch, and describe in words.

c) Map “field” with iron filings. Make photos, sketches, describe in words.

d) Write your thoughts and questions about magnetism. How and why do you think magnetic force is involved with energy?


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