13 April Science 8 Carbon and introduction to the Human Impact on the Environment Assignment

Carbon by a middle schooler:

Lesson from Thin Air


Carbon by Primo Levi, a scientist and writer http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/files/2012/08/CarbonStory11.pdf

Audio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRmQ6ySjwRs

Carbon by a science journalist:






From a science documentary about plants:


An interactive site:


Essay to be submitted to the digital science notebook in the Earth Cycles Folder–due Friday 17 April. (There are more references and links on Carbon and the Carbon cycle in previous blogposts <like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDBU0lg-HYE >.  Use the search box.)

What are the 5 most important things to understand about carbon and the carbon cycle? What are your reasons for thinking the things you have chosen are the most important?

What makes understanding these things challenging? Where do people get confused? What misconceived ideas do people have?

Selecting the Human Impact Topic

Students will

  1. Conduct research and annotate sources:

Well-respected websites, journals, in the news (BBC, NYT, NPR, TOI—other sources with approval); Interviews and firsthand observations.

  1. Lead a class activity that is preferably interactive, inquiry-oriented, thought-provoking
  1. Create Presentation that is directed toward

Understanding the science—Leading a Discussion on the issues—Brainstorming Solutions—Presenting existing proposals for solutions

Topics (Global and Indian)

  1.  *CO2–greenhouse effect–global warming–global climate change
  2. *Invasive species in India—loss of native habitat and biodiversity
  3. *Elements in an Ipad-Laptop-Cell phone–Rare earths and conflict minerals—environmental costs of technology
  4.  *Air quality in Delhi
  5.  *The Anthropocene and the 6th great extinction
  6.  *Mining-industrial and economic development-and conservation of nature / habitat / biodiversity in India
  7.  *Agriculture-pesticides-fertilizer-nutrition and health in India
  8.  *The concept of ecosystem services—re-evaluating economic policy and theory in light of the environment—other ways to assess the value of the environment—international examples—Indian example

Period 1 Name               Topic

  • William          8                  
  • Ishay                7
  • Vir                     6
  • JiWon              2
  • Syona                5
  • Tereza              1
  • Joe                    3
  • Ali                      4

Period 3 Name               Topic

  • Amber            7
  • Georgia           2
  • Grace               1
  • Kun-Hee         5
  • Nicolas             6
  • Marc                  4
  • Sreya                3
  • Joao                 8

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