10-11 Sept. Science 7–Build a body review and visual representation

1. Retrieve your “build a body” poster. Review your ideas about the identity of the organs and their structure and function.

2. Use your textbook and reliable online sources to critique your poster. Write an essay comparing what you proposed initially and what you found out by examining other resources. Post this essay in your digital science notebook. Cite your references with complete bibliographic information.

3. Consider all of the following. Write about at least one in your digital science notebook. You may include the others if you want to expand your understanding of life and the human body–smile. Cite any references you use with complete bibliographic information.

a) Follow a red blood cell through a complete cycle of circulation. Post your ideas in your digital science notebook.

b) Follow a water molecule from a drink as it courses through the body. What are the different paths that can be taken.

c) Follow a bite of one of your meals as it enters your mouth, becomes incorporated into your body, is broken down and used for energy, and exits your body through exhaled carbon dioxide.




Check other web references under Science 7 / Web links / The integrated organism

Spend 1/2 of the class period on your Visual representation.

Visual representation of data (human body measurements)–Infographic–Art-Science

For inspiration: http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/2013/09/04/4-5-september-science-7-visualizing-and-representing-data-science-and-art-human-body/

Any media as long as visual. Individual, duo, or trio of students (no changing of groups after initial decision). Must be clearly linked to some aspect of the data. Due 19-20 Sept. depending on period.

An image of the visual representation must be uploaded to the digital science notebook. Along with the image a written comment should be included. This comment should include an account of the process from brainstorm through completion, including a description of decisions and choices, an explanation of the links to the data, a reflection on what was learned about the human body, the interpretation of data, and communication–especially through infographics.

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