Science 7 review of Biodiversity unit so far and preview of work after WOW 26 Oct and 5 Nov

Be sure that your digital notebook includes your name in the title.

Conduct a self-assessment that should appear in your notebook entry for today:

C = some notes; not complete; not always clear

B= complete notes

A=complete notes and regular reflection (your thoughts and questions–identified)

Past work that should be documented in digital notebook:

1. Response to Powerpoint The Continuity of Life

2. Response to Powerpoint WOW Science 7 (both parts)

3. Quiz taken in notebook.

4. Homework on Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

5. Bird diversity list from Birdwalk 1 (also looking for reflection on birds seen at AES by 7th graders)

6. Your pigeon ethogram (including comparison with others). An ethogram started on a 2nd species.

7. Techniques for assessing (bird) diversity.

8. Techniques for making a catalog of (bird) behavior.


7. Select a question for a bird investigation to take place after WOW. The question needs to be about a bird (or birds) that can be observed at any time during school. Any aspect of the  bird’s life is acceptable for firsthand investigation. Get question approved and develop a plan for carrying out the investigation. Plan for 2 periods of observation.

See the guidelines for the Bird Report Guidelines

See reference to David Attenborough’s The Life of Birds (11 episodes)


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