Science 8 Study of Matter–selecting a research question

Planning a chemistry investigation:

  1. Investigate chemical reaction with models.
NaHCO3 + CH3COOH —-> CO2 + H2O + CH3COONa
(this is a description of the overall reaction which occurs in several steps)

  1. Summarize all information about reactions—post in portfolio.
  2. Summarize all techniques used so far—post in portfolio.
  3. Use textbook and other resources to research reactions—especially the one you choose to investigate.
  4. Select a question to investigate.
  5. Propose a procedure in detail (partners in procedure only; may share data—report written entirely by individual). Should yield quantifiable data.
  6. Get proposal approved.


Compare previously studied reactions (alka seltzer and water –citric acid and baking soda) (vinegar and baking soda) with other reactions.

Baking soda = sodium hydrogen carbonate

Washing soda = sodium carbonate

Chalk = calcium carbonate

Rate of reaction. Investigate the effect of some variable on the rate of reaction.

Combining proportions. Find out the amounts of starting reactants required for a complete reaction. Relate to amounts of products. Model the reaction.

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