Science 7 on 9,10,11,12 October from the integrated organism/human body to biodiversity and evolution

Dear 7th graders, We are transitioning from studying a single integrated organism to focusing on the diversity of life and how scientists investigate and explain this diversity.

It is important to establish your notebook practices for 2nd quarter. Finish your notes on the human body and add to quarter 1. Start a new section for quarter 2. Recommendation:

Make a google folder or collection you call your name’s science notebook. Upload entries as files (documents, images, videos, etc.) in the folder or collection. Name each file: your Use the google app to send notes, pictures, etc. from your Ipad. BE SURE TO SHARE FOLDERS AND FILES WITH DR. FRAZIER.

Review the notebook assignment under the Science 7 page.

Today, we will:

A. Make comments about our two human body experiments.

B. Discuss some of our questions about the reproductive system.

Beginning biodiversity

What do you think an ant looks like? Make a drawing. How many kinds of an do you think we could find on the AES campus?

In groups, discuss, and then share with larger group:

1. How many kinds of organism we would expect to inhabit a particular place. (On the AES campus, how many kinds of tree, spider, bird, butterfly, moth and/or mammal could we find?)

2. What are the possible meanings of “kind?” Which definitions do scientists use and when?

3. On the AES campus what do we expect about the numbers of each kind (most abundant; most rare).

4. Where/when do we think we will find various organisms in both space and time?

5. How do we think the diversity of life is explained by scientists?

C. Sharing our ideas and predictions.

D. View a powerpoint on The Continuity of Life .

E. View a powerpoint on WOW Science (see page menu on blog).

F. And if there is time, watch the opening of a documentary about Evolution and development, nicknamed evo devo.

Take good notes each class and be sure to record your initial thoughts, questions, and reflections. This is the beginning of a new quarter. Aim for a complete and reflective notebook.

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