Science 7 Plan for 22-27 August All Periods

1. Questions?

2. H.W. (Check calendar and blog)

• Girls graph (histogram) girls’ heights; boys graph (histogram) boys’ heights. Use same size graph paper and same scale as whole group histogram. Write a comparison of the data displayed in your two graphs.

• Find The Incredible Human Machine on the web.

3. Things to think about:

• What is a cell? What is the relationship of living cells to the human body?

4. Build a body activity. Partner. Names/periods on your work. Take good notes of what you discuss and what you try. Write a short essay on your ideas and decisions. Present if there is time.

5. Finish Science Self-Portrait, if necessary. Be sure your full name and period appear clearly on the front.

6. Begin H.W.

7. Check out books, if time.

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