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Sci 8 Personal response(s) to rivers.

Personal response(s) to rivers (“All education is environmental education”–David Orr): Present A, B, and C as separate blog posts. Due 7 May. A. Choose 1 of the following and write a comparative essay about the “meanings” of the river(s) expressed … Continue reading

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Sci 7 link for The Incredible Human Machine

The Incredible Human Machine in 9 sections: If you or your class did not finish the video, please do so on your own. You should have notes that consist of: 1. The big ideas; 2. Significant details; 3. Amazing … Continue reading

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Various topics for April 11 Science 7

A useful website on Evolution: In preparation for the Earth Day / Earth Week activities: What do you know about plastics? How much plastic do you use? What questions do you have about plastics and plastic pollution? How do … Continue reading

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Links on plastics and plastic pollution for Earth Week / Earth Day at AES

Plastic 5 Gyre’s videos Good TED talk: Plastic eating fungus—this is cool:  (scientific article) Says the concerns over plastic pollution are unfounded: Perspective, history, story of materials: Endocrine … Continue reading

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science 7 extra credit the continuity of life

Science 7 Extra Credit projects due Monday/Tuesday April 23/24 (no extensions). You may do any or all of the following. Option 1: Research and propose an evolutionary tree for the organism you chose in class. Describe the evidence for the … Continue reading

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Spring Break–and now–The Continuity of Life–Science 7

Welcome back. I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. Here are a couple of pictures from a school in a mountain village in Ladakh where I worked with some students who were studying electricity: Generating electricity and lighting a … Continue reading

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