Format for Water Quality Field Study Report Science 8

Water quality field study report Science 8


A)      Explain your ideas about water quality and pollution in general.

B)       Explain your understanding of the particular watershed—Yamuna—where does it come from, where does it go/flow and what happens along the way?

C)       Explain what you have found out about water pollution and your particular pollutant and measure.

D)      Explain how the test you use works.

E)       Describe research you have done on the quality of water in the Yamuna as it flows into and through Delhi.


How does the level of ___name your pollutant or measure_____change as you move through Delhi?


Explain what you think should happen to the level of ___name your pollutant or measure_____as the Yamuna flows into and through Delhi. Also explain your reasoning.


1)       Describe the methods used to collect the samples as well as when and where. Describe characteristics of location where samples were collected.

Wazirabad Barrage =

Najafgarh Drain =

Kudsia Ghat =

Okhla Barrage =

2)       Describe how the samples were kept.

3)       Describe how the test(s) were conducted.


Present the results for 8th grade. Use the following Copy of Yamuna Water Testing 2012.

Add any anecdotal observations you think are relevant (like appearance, smell of sample).

Show the sample collection points on a map.

Discussion and Analysis:

Relate your findings to your expectations. Refer to other research findings. Offer possible interpretations of your data.

Discuss the problem of water pollution with regard to your target material or level. Discuss the problem of water pollution in general.


Summarize findings. New questions. Possible solutions and proposed tests of their effectiveness. Propose other testing methods / procedures relevant to your pollutant and level.


Complete. Follow MLA guidelines.

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