Bird diversity at AES Science 7

Birds seen on Tuesday and Wednesday 6-7 March, 2012 during periods 1,3,4,5

(MS Rock and Organic Garden and MS Field)

Rock pigeon

Common myna

Indian house crow

Black kite

Ashy prinia

Red-vented bulbul

Red-whiskered bulbul

Brahminy myna / Brahminy startling

Purple sunbird

Common tailorbird

Rose-ringed parakeet

Yellow-footed green pigeon

Laughing dove (Little brown dove)

Eurasian collared dove

Asian pied starling

Oriental white eye

Added: Monday 12 March

Oriental magpie robin

Jungle babbler

Brown-headed barbet (heard not seen)

Added 21 March 2012

House sparrow


Black-rumped flameback

Grey hornbill


1)      How many kinds of bird do you observe on the school campus—specify the periods of observation? Where do you see the various species—make a map. What activities are the observed birds engaged in during your observations?

2)      How many active nests can you find on the campus? Which species most commonly nests on campus? Describe each nest including location and construction. Describe any bird activity by the adults or young.

3)      What are the different vocalizations you can distinguish (record) from at least two different species (suggested: Common myna, Indian house crow)? What behaviors seems to accompany the various calls?


4)      After observing birds, what questions do you have?

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