Biodiversity–Science 7

Biodiversity–observing and explaining the number of kinds of living thing–in terms of intractions of the genetics of the organisms and the environment.

(Review WOW activities)

Field study (contrast with lab study and experiments)

Birds–useful study organism–active in the daytime, can be seen in many settings, somewhat challenging, indicators of the quality of the environment (air, water, food)

How many kinds? Species richness (diversity survey)

How many of each kind? (Population; census)

How are kinds and populations distributed?

What behaviors are observed and how can they be interpreted?

7 S’s of Bird observation

Shade (coloring and pattern)

Size (comparative)

Silhouette (outline when perched and in flight)

Sign (from behavior to artifacts–nest)


Sweep (manner of flight)


a useful powerpoint



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