Aanchal Reflection Advisory

•    1) Think about the first Aanchal visit, when you first met your buddy group. Now, think about the end of the second visit. How did your thoughts, feeling or behaviors change over time? Use specific examples.

•    2) What surprised you about the Aanchal school students?

•    3) What surprised you about yourself? What did you learn about yourself during our Aanchal exchange?

•    4) What was the hardest/ most difficult part of this experience for you?

•    5) How would you describe your buddy? What could she do/not do? What was her/his personality like? What did he/she enjoy doing? How did he/she communicate? How did you communicate together?

•    6) What is one piece of advice you would give next year’s 7th graders in preparation for their Aanchal Buddy visit? What do you think they need to know?

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