Final motion word list and Blogs–Science 7

For Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 28,29 Feb. and 1 March.

1. Final motion word list (see h below) (this should be a subpage under Science 7):

In your own words discuss each of these terms. What do you think they mean? What examples would you use to illustrate them? How do they compare to ideas you held/hold about motion (your initial list of words and ideas)?

Distance, time, distance / time = (average) speed, velocity (speed and direction), constant speed, instantaneous speed, changing speed, acceleration (changing speed and direction), force (size of force and direction). Newton’s laws of motion—1. inertia (force is not required for inertial motion), 2. the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration, and 3. the symmetry of forces.

Looking ahead (we have NOT discussed these formally), gravitational force and the acceleration of falling and orbiting things, energy, (physical) work, momentum, conservation of momentum, conservation of energy. What do you expect these ideas to be like?

2. Organize blogs:

All third quarter posts:

a)      Can we believe our eyes.

b)      Cartoon physics.

c)       Pulling the cart.

d)      The air-pressure, water rocket.

Need Year 7 Page.

Need Science 7 subpage (with Year 7 as the parent page)

Need the following as subpages under the Science 7 parent page:

a)      Science Self-portrait (with reflection)

b)      Popcorn lab report (with reflection)

c)       Reaction in a bottle (with reflection)

d)      Initial list of motion words, sentences, and analysis (with reflection)

e)      Constant velocity car presentation (with reflection). Reflection should include:

  1. Your contribution to the investigation (be specific)
  2. Your contribution to the presentation (be specific)
  3. The ways you cooperated and collaborated with your group
  4. The depth of your understanding of motion (constant velocity, measurement of time, distance, speed, direction, graphing, fairness, adequate number of trials, the meaning of average speed, possible explanations for questions you have)
  5. The depth of your interest in the topic of motion and the investigation of the toy car’s motion

f)       Scans of your two best notebook entries during 3rd quarter (with reflection)

g)      Scan of best graph(s) during third quarter (explain and add reflection)

h)      Final motion word list (with reflection)

i)        Any extra credit OR other exemplary work (with reflection)

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