Presentation and contest with Constant Velocity Cars–science 7


These submissions to your blog are due 27 Feb. These should be discussed with your parents during the student led conference.

1. After your class presentation, correct any errors or points of confusion. Add your presentation as a linked media file OR live web link on a subpage under parent page science 7 under parent page year 7.

2. On the subpage itself, include a reflection on your contributions to the investigation and presentation. Give credit to team-mates who made significant contributions. Be specific. Include reflective comments about your understanding of motion–especially what ideas you now have that were different from when you began. Use examples to show your understanding of distance, time, speed, velocity. How do you keep yourself from mixing up time with speed, for example? How do you remind yourself that speed is based on the distance traveled in a given period of time and NOT the time it takes to go a given distance? Discuss your understanding of graphs that plot the change in position of an object as it moves compared to the time it moves. Describe ideas that are fuzzy or uncertain. Describe your group’s experience with the contests conducted after the presentations.

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