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Pictures of Air Pressure Water Rockets at Launch

Here are some pictures of my university students trying out the air pressure water rockets. We managed to get pictures right at lift off. I taught courses for university students who wanted to become teachers; I would take my students … Continue reading

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Aanchal Reflection Advisory

•    1) Think about the first Aanchal visit, when you first met your buddy group. Now, think about the end of the second visit. How did your thoughts, feeling or behaviors change over time? Use specific examples. •    2) What … Continue reading

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Air pressure water rocket

Write a blog post answering the following questions. See the class date below. How do you explain the behavior of the air pressure water rocket? How do Newton’s Laws and the idea of conservation of momentum apply? Compare the flight … Continue reading

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The importance of mistakes–Extra Credit Science 7 and 8

For extra credit, read the linked article carefully. Then write a thoughtful blog post offering your reflections on the article. Be sure to add your answers to the questions in italics below. In the beginning of the article, the … Continue reading

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Environment Science 8 Global Partnership on Oceans

    Global Partnership on Oceans

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Environment Science 8 large scale imaging

Casting a Wide Eye Scientists study a variety of large-scale biological phenomena from the vantage point of space. By Cristina Luiggi | February 1, 2012

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Advisory survey on service learning

Please take this survey for advisory. Here is the link to the service learning survey: It should take about 5 minutes.

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Final motion word list and Blogs–Science 7

For Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 28,29 Feb. and 1 March. 1. Final motion word list (see h below) (this should be a subpage under Science 7): In your own words discuss each of these terms. What do you think they … Continue reading

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Pulling the cart with a constant force–science 7

Please respond to the following in a thoughtful blog post entitled: Pulling a cart with a constant force. Address each point. Tag with Science 7. (Be sure that categories are visible and that you have a search box.) Most people … Continue reading

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Presentation and contest with Constant Velocity Cars–science 7

  These submissions to your blog are due 27 Feb. These should be discussed with your parents during the student led conference. 1. After your class presentation, correct any errors or points of confusion. Add your presentation as a linked … Continue reading

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