Science 7 Beginning a study of motion January 23-24

1. List as many words as you can that relate to motion. Do not look any up, just rely on what you remember at the time of making the list. Be inclusive and expansive. Classify your words–do you have mostly verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs? What does your list suggest about the way you understand motion? Use each word in a sentence that suggests your understanding of the meaning. Post this document as a page on your blog, under the parent page Science 7. Entitle your document “My first word list for a study of motion and my initial understanding of motion.”

2. Watch the clips from Roadrunner and Coyote cartoons. Write a response comparing motion that you have experienced with that illustrated by the Roadrunner and Coyote. What do you think it would be like to live in a universe that operated under the cartoon laws of motion? Include your response as a blog post entitled “Our physics and cartoon physics.”

Preliminary words lists started in class:

Period 3 Words we associate with motion

Period 4 Our preliminary list

period 1 motion words


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