Today in Science 8 August 23-25

Science 8 August 25, 2011 Dr. Frazier
1. Review and consolidate notes on procedures for yeast fermentation.
2. Review and consolidate observations on yeast fermentation.
3. Make list of questions arising from the yeast fermentation activities.
4. Discuss with your group what you might do (firsthand) to address any or all of your questions.
5. Make a wet mount of your fermenting solution.
6. Draw what you see under the microscope.
7. What is the size of a yeast cell? How can you determine this? (Hint: Look at something whose size you know; lay the yeast cells end to end—by imagination; then do the math; at the highest power, objects are magnified 400 times.)
8. Finish the Concept assessment (brainstormed, labeled, ordered list and concept map/web).

23 August
1. Follow the procedures from the last class to make a sugar solution that is inoculated with yeast when it reaches 35 deg Celsius.

2. Examine the fermented/fermenting sugar solution from last week.
Record all your observations.

Find the density of the remaining solution.

Set the solution aside.

3. One member of each group should get checked out on the microscope and should then instruct the other members of the group.

4. Make a wet mount slide of your fermenting solution. Try to find yeast cells. Draw and describe.

5. Finish Concept assessment of microorganisms. (List of labeled and ranked statements AND concept map.)

A repeat of the set-up on 19 August.

Yeast suspension stained with methylene blue.

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