Agenda for 18-19 August Science 7

Designing a procedure to investigate the question: What happens when popcorn is popped in a pan without a lid? AND describing and organizing our ideas about matter. See the linked document:


For groups who do not finish part 2 (our ideas about matter),
individually complete the list of important and true statements (15-25) you can make about matter (do not refer to any reference other than your own mind!). This activity is about ALL matter, not just popcorn. Label each statement as either a big idea (BI) or significant detail (SD). Then pick out the 10 most important ideas and put them in order. Send your lists and labels to each member of your group. Examine each member’s ideas. You will then be ready to complete the concept map. Be sure to send your ideas to the group representatives who have worked on the experimental set-up.

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